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Jo-Ann Pawliw - Coach, Facilitator, Game Changer
Jo-Ann Pawliw - Coach, Facilitator, Game Changer

Work smarter and safer while boosting your well-being

Learn How To Harness The Power of Resilience

What’s at The Heart of Performance?

There is an art to performing well. It includes feeling strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. When any of these are lacking, it impacts our talent and ability more than we realize. It can also negatively affect our health in a serious way.

With strong self-awareness, we can notice when we are not on our game and proactively do something about it sooner rather than later.

The Heart of Performance offers proven resilience tools that enable us to bounce back better than ever. This state can optimize our decision making in critical moments.

Proven tools that help Olympic athletes, Navy Seals, and High-Risk workers are available to you and your organization.


Improve situational awareness and make fewer mistakes, both in the field and in the office.

Live or Online Workshop

The Resilience Advantage Workshop

Manage pressure, emotional challenge and change.

Live or Online Workshop

The Science of Emotional Intelligence

Establish Your Competitive Advantage with Emotional Intelligence.

3 x 2 Hour Modules

1:1 Coaching

Learn strategies to help better manage the difficult moments in your life, at work or at home.

Virtual Coaching


The human factor plays a bigger part in a safe workplace than we give it credit for.

Despite our best intentions, procedures and training, mistakes still happen when our attention and awareness slips.

The STOPCHECK™ program was created to provide crucial tools to help humans, both in the field and office, be more mindful and make fewer mistakes.

Video: What is STOPCHECK™

What if everyone at your organization could STOP and CHECK with themselves, their surroundings and their co-workers and AVOID making costly or dangerous errors?

We offer evidence-based tools for increased Self Awareness for better Situational Awareness.

Pay attention to the right things at the right time.

Because one instance of distraction can equal a lifetime of negative consequences.

Run on the Zoom platform, this program is highly interactive and engaging. Using small and large break-out rooms, participants learn evidence-based information and strategies they can use immediately both at work and at home, to Stay Smart and Work Safe.

VIDEO: Enhanced Situational Awareness For All Workers

STOPCHECK™ Enhanced Situational Awareness Training:

  • Delivered Live or Live Online
  • Follow Up Online Review Modules
  • Zoom Platform (2.5 hrs or customized modules)

Some of the Benefits:

  • Better awareness of self and surroundings
  • Knowing when you are off your game
  • Recognize when you are tuned out, have tunnel vision, or triggered
  • Strategies to become more focused, present and mindful
  • Tools to communicate clearly and confidently with colleagues
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The Resilience Advantage Workshop

The best people investment you can make.

This evidence-based program delivers a practical “in the moment” skill set, to respond confidently and effectively to the pressure, emotional challenge, and change that we all experience. We offer powerful tools for improving mental and emotional wellness.

We call it, “Calm on the Go”.

Strengthening resilience capacity and neutralizing stress has never been so essential to health, and our ability to function – both at work and at home.

Run on the Zoom platform, this program is highly interactive and engaging. Using small and large break-out rooms, participants learn evidence-based information and strategies they can use immediately, both in their work and personal lives.

“Calm on the Go” Resiliency Training:

  • Delivered Live or Live Online
  • Zoom Platform (1.5 hrs in length)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic.
  • Learn powerful techniques to manage negative and unwanted emotions.
  • Be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions under pressure.
  • Feel more poised, confident, and optimistic

The Science of Emotional Intelligence

Establish Your Competitive Advantage with Emotional Intelligence. Crucial for the Future Workplace!

Building Exceptional Leaders. Transforming Organizations. NOW VIRTUAL

Live Facilitated Virtual Program – 3 modules, each 2 hours in length

It’s a scientific fact that emotions precede thought. When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function, diminishing our cognitive abilities, decision-making powers and our interpersonal skills.

Our programs provide the tools to create a culture of trust and integrity delivering high engagement based on alignment, clarity and safety. Leadership teams often lack the most important ingredient to building this type of organization: Emotional Intelligence.

Teams skilled in emotional intelligence support one another as they navigate change. They are able to listen and collaborate effectively, without judgment and draw on the strengths and ideas of everyone. They have the courage and freedom to act without fear and are more open to new perspectives, viewing failure as an opportunity to iterate, learn and imagine new possibilities. This creates an environment that promotes creativity and innovation.

As the Western Canadian Director of The Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP*), Jo-Ann facilitates exceptional virtual and live EQ training programs. Connect with her to learn more about IHHP’s world-renowned leadership training.

*The Institute for Health and Human Potential is a research-based training company with over twenty years as a leader in Emotional Intelligence.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Personal Coaching

Customized strategies to better lead yourself and others.

Remain calm, think clearly, and get better control of your mind and emotions.

You aren’t looking for a counsellor – you just want to learn some strategies to help you “in the moment” both at home and at work. When stressed or under pressure, we can lose 60-70% of our higher thinking brain. It’s hard to make good decisions and be efficient. If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and not having the impact you would like, you are not alone.

Some of the benefits:

  • Learn how the brain and body respond when stressed
  • Skills and strategies to stay resilient and calm, even in the most difficult circumstances
  • Learn where and with whom the energy drain / stress is occurring
  • Skills to speak your truth and stand up for yourself
  • Stop worrying what others think of you and BE YOU
  • Learn how to reset after a difficult conversation/interaction
  • Access to evidence-based technology that shows your most optimal state.
  • An action plan and tools to ensure the work can continue long after the sessions are complete
  • Increased vitality, better focus, enhanced motivation
  • Better Sleep
  • More everyday ease

1:1 Personal Coaching For Leaders

You want your best brain in the game. The pace is hectic, expectations are high, and you are expected to do more with less.

It’s crucial to be the “calm person in the boat” during challenging times, but how do you develop or expand your skills when you are dealing with your own uncertainty and stress?

Learn evidence-based tools to keep you resilient in these moments, get your best brain back and boost your well-being.

Some of the benefits:

  • Increase ability to handle adversity and setbacks in business (and life)
  • Learn to deal more effectively with difficult people
  • Understand and harness the brain science of stress
  • Recognize subtle stress signals before they take over
  • A proven tool to “reset” your system when feeling overwhelmed
  • Access “inner-ease” with minimum practice and in just a little time
  • Learn the art of listening and how to have more skillful conversations.
  • Leverage strengths to sharpen leadership skills
  • Learn to see situations from the perspective of others
  • Develop self awareness and impact on others
  • Accountability to work and life goals
  • Develop action plans for moving forward
  • Improve skills to coach others

Optional : Emotional Intelligence 360 report to understand your impact on the people you lead.

1:1 Personal Coaching For Athletes

Be at your best when it matters most

We can lose access to our best swing/swim stroke/shot etc. when we feel under pressure. It happens to everyone – pros and amateurs alike. Let us teach you how to recover…FAST!

Heart of Performance Coaching uses evidence-based, proven strategies to help you find your best performance. Take your play to the next level by using the same tools that PGA pros and Olympic athletes use to manage their mental and emotional game.

Some of the benefits:

  • Have more focus and concentration
  • Make better decisions
  • Feel less anxious and more confident
  • Have more energy and motivation
  • Recover after a setback

About Jo-Ann Pawliw

Coach • Facilitator • Game Changer

For over twenty years, Jo-Ann has led, developed, and inspired hundreds of individuals and organizations in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, education, and sport.

As a former multi-sport varsity athlete, educator, and business owner, combined with her many years of coaching both executives and elite athletes, Jo-Ann brings a broad range of experiences to her coaching and facilitation.

Trained in leading edge strategies, and evidence-based models from Institutions such as Harvard, HeartMath and The Neuroscience School, Jo-Ann understands the importance of understanding how the brain and the heart work together to influence behavior, manage stress and boost resilience and well-being; all crucial to perform well in today’s world.

Participants in Jo-Ann’s programs praise her for her ability to share evidence-based content and strategies in a way that makes it relevant and relatable for all learners. Her ability to create a relaxed yet highly engaged room, makes for an ideal learning environment.

Jo-Ann has worked with companies in many industries including engineering, healthcare, finance, oil and gas, municipalities, and energy. She has delivered highly impactful programs and keynotes to both small and large audiences across Canada and North America.

In addition to a B.Sc. from McMaster University and an Education degree from the University of Toronto, Jo-Ann has 3 Coaching Certifications with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Emotional Fitness.

Jo-Ann continues to develop her own resiliency by biking in the mountains, while singing very loudly.

About Brian Murray

Advisor • Program Co-creator

Brian spent 35 years in the bulk transportation and logistics industry, including roles as Chief Commercial Officer, CEO and President. After retiring from a very successful career, he felt he had more to give in the development of safety in the workplace. As an advisor to STOPCHECK™, he shares his deep knowledge and insights of the deficits and successes he has seen in performance and worker safety.

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